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                4002 Huaqiang Road North, Shenzhen,
                China, 518028
                Tel:(86 755)8207 8888
                Fax:(86 755)8207 5555
                English | 简体中文
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                Over View


                The Pavilion is located in the heart of the flourishing business and shopping district of Shenzhen, close to many city landmarks such as Shenzhen Exhibition Center (Futian), Shenzhen Civil Center, a short walk to four major Shenzhen Metro lines. The Pavilion creating an exceptional atmosphere of luxury, grandeur and elegancewith a peaceful, relaxing touch of nature. All rooms and suites, restaurants, banquet and conference rooms, as well as comprehensive health, entertainment and business facilities all ensure The Pavilion lives up to its promise of luxury and comfort.


                The 528 well-appointed rooms and suites are designed with a blend of elegance and fashion, distributed in the Main Tower and the Century Tower. Wi-Fi and High-speed Internet access, LED TV and environmental protection commodities and Facilities are yours, but perhaps most captivating feature of your room is "The Pavilion Cosy Bed", you can choose from different kinds of delicate pillows, ensuring your personal comfort. Add to that the "One Stop" commitment of our staff to bring you 24-hour premium services and you are sure to feel at home away from home.


                You could enjoy global cuisine in The Pavilion restaurants. From the relaxing Greenland Lounge, the favourite Cafe Pavilion, to deluxe Chinese restaurant The Orchard. Come and experience a sensational world of tastes.


                The Pavilion banquet and conference rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, with advanced visual and audio systems. Whether professional or personal, corporate or intimate, we will ensure your event is a very special occasion. Our professional planning team will manage each step to meet your needs.


                Our large fully equipped Gym, heated swimming pool, tennis court, spa and so forth all add to the unique character of the hotel - and bring you a refreshing and invigorating experience.